Supporters’ Update - Christmas 2018

No homeless man need sleep rough in Geelong

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

As the end of another year rapidly approaches, let me firstly sincerely thank you again for your interest and support of Samaritan House.

At this time of year, we like to give you a short update on the important work of Samaritan House Geelong over the past 12 months.

Our overarching vision for Samaritan House is that “No homeless man need sleep rough in Geelong”. Simple as that. We work actively to see this happens by welcoming our guests into our home for a period and work with them as they deal with the issues behind their homelessness, which are often complex and always unique.
Our partnership with SalvoConnect Barwon - the social & community services arm of the Salvation Army - over the past 12 months is working very well. As the official ‘Entry Point’ for people experiencing homelessness in Geelong, SalvoConnect is very well-placed to undertake the important role of operational management of Samaritan House .

Demand for our service has is increasing. Over the past 12 months, Samaritan House has provided 3,391 bed-nights for homeless men, a significant increase over previous years.
Importantly, well over 80% of our guests are assisted to find more long-tern, secure accommodation, which is fundamental to our mission to enabling our guests to transition to a better future.
Each of those numbers represents a human story. The care and guidance to men experiencing homelessness which the House Manager Tim Wilson and his team of committed volunteers continue to give is remarkable.
Samaritan House is the only facility which caters exclusively for homeless men in Geelong and so it is critically important that we keep our doors open. We have been actively working with the State Government in 2018 but still totally rely on the generosity of individuals, groups and philanthropic organisations to financially underpin our work.

Once again in 2018, support from schools has been marvelous, together with those of companies and other organisations. All of this, together with the work of our volunteers, underpins the spirit of the House.

The reality is that Samaritan House could not exist without your support. Whether it be through your generous financial support, your volunteering or any of the myriad ways people have provided support for the work of Samaritan House, it is greatly appreciated. Each contribution makes a significant difference to the lives of the men we serve.

This time of year can be particularly difficult for the men we work with, loneliness and a sense of disconnection among the most prevalent issues. With the amazing support of our volunteers, we will be open every night during the Christmas / New Year period - as we are every other day of the year - supporting men in that situation.

This is why we hold our annual “No Room at the Inn” Christmas Appeal. If at all possible. We would greatly appreciate your consideration of a donation for this appeal. Donations, which are fully tax deductible, can be made on the form below or through our website.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, may you have a l wish you a joyous Christmas and best wishes for 2019.

Keith Fagg OAM
Board Chair

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